Useful guidelines that will help you with home decoration

Original home decoration has become one of the most popular fashion trends during recent years. No wonder: no one can deny your home is seen as a reflection of your personality. No matter if you prefer harmonic or eccentric shapes and colors, your home can tell more about you than you can do with words.
That is why it is highly important to give way to your individuality and creativity when you select decorations for your home. Of course, you can hire a professional designer who will help you to cope with the task. But if you are not unlimited in budget and want to make everything yourself, you should follow certain rules in order to avoid mistakes. In this blog, we will share a couple of useful tips for you to keep in mind.

1) The first thing to remember that your décor should match the overall style of the room. For example, a
vintage vase will look weird in a high-tech room.

2) The second rule is: more does not mean better. Some people get obsessed with decorations and pile up
decorative elements in enormous quantities. Simplicity always wins over redundancy.

3) Your decorations should be in one style. Eclectic décor shows the absence of taste.

4) Remember that the majority of rooms need no more than three or four colors to get pulled together. That is why choose decorations that features the shades that are already present in your room.

5) Remember that proportion matters even in colors. So, if your room is predominantly green with some yellow decorations, your wall art should not be super-yellow. Bright colors and neon are far from the ideal solutions because they rarely match the neutral colors of the wall.

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